Retirement Planning and Management

Providing predictable income and principal protection

What Does
Pension-Up Mean?

Our ultimate goal is to create a “paycheck like” experience during retirement. Rather than drawing from a work salary, the “retirement paycheck” draws upon a variety of different income sources – social security, employer pensions, annuities and investment withdrawals from your uniquely personal investment portfolio.

How Do You

Pension Up seeks to replicate the experience of a structured paycheck during retirement. We work with your unique situation to manage cashflow by actively coordinating investment management, tax planning and financial planning through a uniquely personal plan. Additionally, we ensure you have ongoing help with your tax returns, retirement benefits, social security decisions and insurance choices. Ensuring the choices you make are in your best interests. 

Protecting Your Assets
and Maximizing Your Wealth


Fee-only Fiduciary

We operate on a fee-only (non-commission) basis, so you can trust that our interests are aligned with your own. We are committed to acting in our clients’ best interest providing comprehensive advice. 


Replicate a reliable, regular paycheck


Save on taxes through integration of investment and tax planning


Personalized investment experience

It's worth your time now

Find the right professionals

As you plan or enter retirement It’s critical that you manage your money properly because when it comes to your retirement, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Having the right professional to help protect your assets and maximize your wealth will be key to being successful and living the life you planned and saved for.

Understanding your retirement needs

We thought it would be easier

Should we take social security now or later? How can our investments both be conservative and grow enough to last through our retirement? Can we afford the same things that we could afford when we were working? Our financial choices seem to affect our taxes more than when we worked.

Working was hard, but in certain ways it was simple. My husband and I received paychecks every two weeks. We knew how much we could spend. We didn’t have to worry about taxes because our employer withheld them. We had company health benefits and a company retirement plan; now we are retired, and it is suddenly more complicated. We have lots of decisions we have never had to make before. 

We always envisioned retiring at age 60. Working hard we have built a nest egg using my 401 K and my wife’s 403B additionally we have other investments but we want to make sure were on track to retire and not going to run out of money in our extended retirement. We don’t want to make a mistake and retire then realize a couple of years down the road that we need to go back to work. Besides money to live on day-to-day, what else should we be thinking about before we commit?

Are we ready?

Can we maintain a comfortable lifestyle through retirement? What are the best healthcare options when we retire? How can we develop a legacy for our children and grandchildren?

Financial planning that flexes with you

Your financial life story becomes your financial plan with the help our advisors.


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