Investment Management

Providing predictable income and principal protection

What Is you Investment Philosophy

Our goal is simple: To create the optimal combination of assets necessary to maximize your wealth and protect your assets.

Classic investment managers stop at modern portfolio theory. While we believe in modern portfolio theory [MPT], it isn’t enough. The trouble with MPT is it doesn’t address how downside risk specifically affects you.

Wealth maximization takes into consideration how downside risk affects you as an individual. Your custom portfolio is designed to mitigate these risks while balancing the need for growth. We do this through multiple levels of diversification, outcome oriented strategies and tax management.

What is our
Investment Approach?


Broad diversification

Diversified portfolios utilizing multiple asset classes from traditional stocks and bonds to liquid alternatives. Our research has shown that combining traditional assets with alternatives as well as adding income producing growth assets (such as dividend growth equities), has generated superior risk-adjusted ten year returns and minimized downside risk.

Strategic Asset Allocation-A disciplined plan and long-term asset allocation based on your specific goals

The strategic asset allocation is the optimal combination of assets necessary to achieve your specific risk return  requirements. However each asset class has a range of investment “weightings” which allows our investment manager to adjust based on opportunistic market conditions.

Tactical Asset Allocation - Opportunistic Investing within the framework of that strategic plan

The long-term target for each asset class has a range of investment. This allows our portfolio manager to opportunistically adjust the allocation to each asset class based on current market fundamentals. However, having an upper/minimum target for each asset class places a natural risk-control.

Utilization of a combination of passive and active funds

In some asset classes, information is readily available and it is very difficult to identify asset mispricings and generate enhanced returns. It is in these asset classes where we utilize low cost, passive strategies. However, in asset classes that are less transparent, we utilize active managers that have a history of generating enhanced risk-adjusted returns. The optimal combination of these strategies properly balances returns and fees with the goal of maximizing your wealth.

Active tax-management

Tax-management is more than preparing taxes. It involves creating asset allocation strategies that reduce your tax bill. These include active tax-loss harvesting and proper asset allocation.

Protecting Your Assets
and Maximizing Your Wealth


Fee-only Fiduciary

We operate on a fee-only (non-commission) basis, so you can trust that our interests are aligned with your own. We are committed to acting in our clients’ best interest providing comprehensive advice. 

Our Process

Minimizing your risk and investing wisely

Long-term Investor

I’ve been investing in the stock market through my retirement plans for years and the growth of the market over the last 7 years has been extremely kind. However, I’m nearing retirement, and concerned that we are headed for a period of increased market risk. I don’t want to lose the money that I’ve saved, and I don’t want to go back to work to earn more. What is the best approach?

I’ve been sitting in cash for a few years now and know I need to be earning something on my assets. Bank CDs are not appealing to me because not only are the interest rates low, but my money is tied up.  I want to invest my money conservatively, but still maintain flexibility and earn competitive returns.

How do I transistion my portfolio?

Opportunistic Investing

I’m liquidating my business and need to replace my income. I don’t want to deplete my assets so I can leave a legacy to my kids and charities that I’m passionate about. I’m willing to take a measured degree of risk, but principal protection is also a concern. What’s the best approach for me?

From saving for retirement to spending in retirement

Shift your investments smartly with the right asset allocations


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